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Work experience
Personal skills and competences

If you need contact with me in a job case, please use the form in subpage [Contact] or send mail to e-mail: job@pitulski.com. You can also find me via a communicator or at social networking sites.
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Object-oriented (including multi-threaded) and structural and scripting programming, creating and manage databases, design and web development, expansion and maintenance of computer hardware, network management LAN / WiFi, helping computer users, monitoring and exploitation of the Internet, data analysis, e-commerce , SEO, domain.
- Databases - design/development -
Firebird/Interbase , Postgresql, Oracle , MySQL, SQLite
SQL, P-SQL, PL-SQL, plpgsql
Creating/optimalization of DB structure (tables, triggers, sequences, procedures/functions, plans of queries, views etc.)
Firebird - Administration and maintenance (Windows/Linux)
- Programming -
Java, Delphi, Object PASCAL, C#, PHP, HTML, SQL, CSS
bash, DOS, BASIC, Assembler, JavaScript, UML, XML (XSL,DTD), VRML, WAP, Pascal, ASP, NHibernate, C++, C
- Design/project management -
Enterprise Architect, MS Visio
OTRS, dotProject, JIRA, SVN
- Systems -
MS Windows 7 Enterprise/Professional
MS Windows NT/2000, MS Windows 95/98/ME, MS Windows XP Professional/Home
Linux/Unix (simple administration, intermediate use)
VMWare Server 2.x, Workstation(Windows), Virtual PC
- Networks-
LAN, Wifi, structure - design, planning and management, security
Servers and network hardware (configuration and simple administration)
configuration of net-client computers, installation of network
- Other -
Internet - searching for information, domains, SEO, shopping / auctions
Google (AdSense, maps API, calendar, docs, youtube, Gmail)
Multimedia, multimedia and office
Computer graphics, image/graphics processing and web design
IT security and ETL
Development of local and network applications, analysis / development / testing of arbitrary code
Data Mining, Data Warehouses, IT systems
- Tools -
MS Office, OpenOffice, Outlook, Firefox, Chrome, Opera
Adobe: Dreamweaver, Premiere, Photoshop; Corel Draw, CAD
development environments: Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, Borland/Embarcadero Delphi, Borland C++, JDeveloper
pgAdmin, IBExpert, EMS
e-mail: lukasz(at)pitulski.com (official)
e-mail: lukaszpitulski(at)poczta.fm (private ;)

skype: lukaszpitulskiSkype Me™!

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